Thanks for All the Fish

For the last few months I’ve been running the social media for my gaming club: The Monday Knights. We run a website with a whole bunch of odds and ends (BB tournament manager, forum, webmail, etc) and now we’re going to start blogging from there. That means I’ve got a new home for my content, so I’ll be retiring the Nanotanks blog and all associated bits and pieces.

Thanks to all the readers, likers and a special thanks to the commentors (Pete and ImperialRebork especially). It might not seem like much, but a nice job post gives a bit of extra motivation.

If you’ve enjoyed the content and want to see more then just follow one of the Monday Knights’ social sites below. I’ll still be posting stuff and we have a bunch of other talented people in the club who will be contributing.

Again, thanks good luck and happy gaming.

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