Game Aids

Possibly, the only useful part of this whole website. This page contains a few sheets, summaries, etc that I’ve created to aid myself playing games.

Star Wars Armada:

  • swaft – The Star Wars Armada fleet tool lets you build fleets for Star Wars Armada.

Hind Commander:

  • Game Setup Card (pdf) – a quick little A5 card that lists all the steps to setup the game.
  • Hind Commander Support Card – an A5 card that details how support is used: both how it is called in by elements and then how it acts when called in.

Dropzone Commander: These are mostly items that I use when running tournaments for this system.

  • Building Damage Tracks – these should be printed onto paper (or card), laminated and then cut out. The idea is then to use whiteboard markers to note the damage as it occurs. The damage tracks also provide some of the important numbers used in the game (e.g. garrison capacity).
  • Score Guide – small (9cm x 10cm) single sided slips of paper that I put with each table. These sheets let players know how to produce the tournament point score from their victory and kill points.
  • Round Result Slip – these are used by players to provide their results to the TO: one is provided by each table. The special slots are used for extra things that might attract prizes such as destroying buildings or killing commanders.
  • Table Pack Slips – I put a little table pack together for each table in the tournament. It stays with the table and includes all the bits and pieces (like objectives, pencils, result slips, etc). These little slips go in each pack to help me pack them and also make sure everything goes back in and can be used the next time.

11 thoughts on “Game Aids

  1. Hello,

    the fleet builder for Armada is great. Do you have plans to translate the builder in other language? If yes, I could support you with german.

    greetings from Germany

    • Hi Balmoro, there’s no reason I couldn’t add german text. I don’t speak more than a half dozen words of German, though. So you would have to help translating it all. Most of the text is from the cards, so it’s mostly a matter of either getting that text into the database and then messing around with the code.

      • Hi, I could create a Database with the german text for you. I only need the Information in wich Format do you need the Data and how I have to send it to you(Email or…)

  2. Hi Jbar11,

    I just wanted to point out a small bug in SWAFT. When the MC30 torpedo variant is selected the builder will only allow ion cannon upgrades, however based on the card it should have a turbolaser slot instead.

    • Thanks Andrew, I just fixed it. Although I feel like I will be changing it back once they release the wave 2 errata. There’s no red dice so the turbo laser slot feels like it should be an ion (there are blue dice).

  3. Hey mate and hello from a fellow aussie!

    Just wondering what the go is with SWAFT? Just that it’s coming up with a ‘Coming Soon’ message from the python anywhere dudes. I love it for the way it allows you to export the fleet list as an easy to use block of text; I then save mine to a big word doc so I hope you can continue the site!

    • Apparently I need to log in to the admin of pythonanywhere and press a button every 3 months to keep the site active. I just did this, obviously more than 3 months since I last did this.

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