Social Media:

Livery & Colour Research:

Manufacturers & Suppliers:
My experiences with all of the following companies has been great: pleasant, efficient and customer focused.

  • AK Interactive make a range of paints and weathering products that are aimed at the military scale modeller.
  • AMMO make similar products to AK Interactive.
  • PicoArmor are the US supplier for Oddzial Osmy’s range of 3mm miniatures and are branching out into other ranges.
  • Vallejo make my preferred paints. I’ve had great success with their Model, Model Air and Primer ranges.
  • Brigade Models have a range of 2mm buildings (hidden under their ‘Aeronef’ range) that while a little small for 3mm models are still quite useable, particularly when grouped together into small villages or towns.
  • Dom’s Decals has a wide range of tiny roundels that are quite suitable for 3mm. These things really are tiny, the smallest sizes are 1-2mm across.
  • I-94 Enterprises also do a range of decals. Not quite as broad as Dom’s range, but there are still a number of very useful sheets.
  • Armorcast make a range of “cinematic effects” that are small metal castings in the shape of muzzle blasts, flames, smoke and more. These items can add a dynamic effect to your minis, but can come across as a bit cartoony.
  • Litko make (and will do custom creations) numerous markers and tokens. They have a number of generic tokens/markers as well as game specific ones.

Real World:
The following have uses beyond this site, and I’ve found quite useful.

  • Todoist is a todo list web application. I’ve got a pretty poor memory so this little guy helps me to both remember to do things, but also the right things that are more urgent. I like it’s features, there are others out there and I tried a couple (to be honest Todoist took a couple of tries before it integrated into life), but this one has stuck. It’s the first and last thing I tend to use at work as well and it also gets a fair bit of home and hobby use.
  • Gimp is image manipulating software with similar (if simpler) functionality to Adobe’s Photoshop. While not as feature rich, it does enough and I use GIMP for basic picture editing as well as creating some images from scratch.
  • Nikon is the brand of camera I use; it started with a little D40 and a couple of cheapish lenses that lasted us about 7 years. The D40 still goes and gets brought out sometimes, but some new lenses highlighted the lack of features on the old body so a new D7100 joined us. Now this body, with two good prime lenses (105mm macro, 24mm wide angle), creates most of the images posted on the blog.

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