After quite some time away from my Malifaux miniatures I got very keen over a couple of days and started on a new crew. I’ve had Sandeep’s crew sitting round assembled for a little while and I really wanted to get started. I saw the box art for Kudra and wanted to have a shot…


It’s taken me an age and several attempts to paint this miniature. My main challenge was the face; I had tried the techniques I’d used to great success with Ramos, Howard and Joss.

Arcane Effigy

Another product of the Cancon surge, this guy was pretty simple. He’s based for the Ramos crew, but gets a workout with Colette as well.


Cassandra is Colette’s henchmen (second tier character in Malifaux). Previously a rival, Cassandra now works with Colette.


Work on my new Malifaux crew has been awfully slow. Part of it has been my unfamiliarity with the colours. I’m not particularly comfortable painting skin, particularly on females.


I’ve been excited to paint Colette’s Showgirls for a little while, but also somewhat intimidated. Most of my painting is fairly earthy in tone. It’s mainly military camouflage which is usually pretty drab and green/brown (for obvious reasons). However, I’ve got a real chance with the Showgirls to step things out to brighter and more…

Mechanical Doves

A few simple models, and the start of my Colette crew. I haven’t finished every model I’ll use with Ramos (I haven’t even finished my core crew to be honest), but I’m keen to do some more interesting colours and the showgirls will give me plenty of chances to use some pretty bright and vibrant…