BB: Orc State

My first three seasons of Bloodbowl were spent playing with these Orcs. The miniatures are mostly by Meiko. Who, unfortunately don’t seem to be making any new teams. The only non-Meiko miniature is the Chainsaw player, who comes from Willy.
I based their paint scheme and the logo on Penn State College Football.



Black Orc Blockers:




Star Player:


Number Player Position
1 Orclid Blitzer
2 Nicolai Torcla Blitzer
3 Orcimedes Blitzer
4 Ramanorcjan Blitzer
5 Pythorcoras Thrower
6 Orclois Black Orc Blocker
7 Albert Orcstein Black Orc Blocker
8 Lorcrange Black Orc Blocker
9 Furiorc Black Orc Blocker
10 Orcenheimer Line-Orc
11 Steven Horcins Troll
12 Orcistotle Line-Orc
13 Coporcnicus Line-Orc
14 Corcchy Line-Orc
15 Leonard Orcleur Thrower
16 Bite-Size Goblin
17 Short-Snack Goblin
22 Orcslaw Chainsaw Starplayer


  1. Line-Orcs
  2. Black Orc Blockers
  3. Orc Throwers
  4. Orc Blitzers
  5. Troll
  6. Goblins
  7. Orc Star Player
  8. Orc Starting Team
  9. Orc State Logo