My Twatifaux – Day 2

Where will our illustrious hero Ramos end up. Will he be recalled for the ages as a freedom fighter who fought oppression, or as a terrorist who tried to bring down the beautiful society crafted by the guild. Read on for more disorganized Malifaux experience ramblings.

My Twatifaux – Day 1

I’m playing in Twatifaux this weekend. It’s my first Malifaux tournament and it will end up doubling the number of Malifaux games I’ve played from 5 to 11. Before starting I’m going to note a couple of things.

Hind Commander Battle Report

Ultra-Modern USMC vs Soviet Hind hoard For those new to Hind Commander I’ve previously posted a quick synopsis on the game. The battlefield was fairly unremarkable, a few ridges and small stands of trees surrounding a large town that was just on the Russian side of the front line to the north. A small helicopter…