Russian Vehicle Commission V

I’ve finished 8 of the 12 Hinds, the other 4 are going to sit for a little bit while I recover from painting soooo many vehicles. To paint the camouflage I used Anarchy Model’s HD Stencil System. I really like these stencils, they’re sticky enough without pulling paint up with some flexibility. Ideally they would…


Russian Vehicle Commission IV

Some progress at long last. No WIP pictures this time, just vehicles. Sooooooo many vehicles. The colours and techniques are the same as the T-72s so the WIP pictures and colours wouldn’t reveal much.


Russian Vehicle Commission III

The last steps to complete were some weathering. Although you could probably argue this started with applying the paint chipping in the previous step. Because there are so many and the tanks are so small I’ve taken a pretty simplified approach to weathering the tanks. I could have spent long and gotten more realistic results,…


Russian Vehicle Commission II

Some more progress on the T-72s. I’ve finished cleaning the wash, but unfortunately there’s a couple of things I would do differently next time. The first is applying a gloss varnish before the wash. This protects the underlying colour and also provides a smooth surface that makes controlling the wash much easier. Because I didn’t…


Russian Vehicle Commission

I’ve started a pretty epic painting commission for Team Yankee which is Battlefront’s new Cold War gone hot game. Team Yankee uses 15mm miniatures and the rules are based on Flames of War (Battlefront’s 15mm WW2 game, that is their claim to fame). I don’t have much experience with Flames, but Team Yankee seems to…


Bloodbowl Werewolves

It’s been a very unproductive few months here at Nanotanks with illness, and then a bit of a painting funk taking over for a while. I’m not sure where it came from actually – well the illness was just winter, but the funk I’m not sure. What I have been doing is playing a heap…


Orc Star Player

I’ve finished the last miniature for my Orcs. I think the chainsaw star players are some of the most iconic Bloodbowl miniatures. So while I’ve never actually used one in game I wanted to paint one. I chose Willy’s Orc With Chainsaw and I’ve got to give credit to them: he’s a great little miniature…