Bloodbowl Troll

Another miniature I really like from Meiko Miniatures. While not the Troll they sell with their Orc team, I prefer this troll. He does, however, look to have some issues regenerating (hopefully that doesn’t foreshadow his in-game performance). I didn’t want to paint the flesh blue as when combined with my blue uniforms it would…


More Steam Arachnids

I painted another 3 steam arachnids and that now means I’ve got 6 fully painted up. I have another 3 I will paint soon, although I think 6 should suffice for most games. Still, maybe I just go crazy one time and throw spiders out for the sheer joy of it. As I was painting…


Malifaux Howard Langston

Howard is my favourites Malifaux miniature at the moment. In the game he’s amazing; expensive and fragile, but amazing. He’s pretty easy to get in position, works really well with Ramos, can do 3 attacks in a turn and has a instant-kill trigger. I suspect most of you who have played Malifaux will have either…


Plastcraft Game Station Review

As a present the better half picked up a Plastcraft Games Train Station. This piece is part of their ColorED range and is designed for Malifaux. The kit consists of a number of PVC sheets that have had one side printed with the patterns you see on the box. There is also some texture on…


BloodBowl Starting Team

With the recently completed Blitzers I’ve now finished with my starting Orc team. I’ve got a few more things to paint (a couple of Goblins, a Troll and a Star Player (w/ Chainsaw), but I’m going to take a little break from BloodBowl and paint some other stuff. I’ll end this little series with a…


BloodBowl Orc Blitzers

Blitzers done. The colours are exactly the same as used on the linemen I painted earlier. These and the Black Orcs are my favourites, although that could soon change when I paint my Troll.