Some Battletech

In the lead up to our recent tournament there was a lot of ADLG played. Since the tournament we’ve been playing a few lighter games. One of which is Battletech; the arrival of the new box set lead to someone looking for a few games and we all have a few mechs to run. However I don’t think any of my Mechs are painted. That’s now changed with a couple finished this week. We’re going for Succession Wars (3025) games and I like to play Lyran Alliance in this period. I’ve painted these Mechs in a Donnegal Guards scheme which is a plain grey-blue scheme. The Zeus is my first attempt at the cockpit jewelling that is part of so much mech painting.

I’ve given each a serial number to help with identification (particularly if I run multiple of the same Mech. There’s not meant to be any meaning to the number (vis-a-vis force structure or seniority of the pilot). I read a bit of the fiction, and information (or a lack thereof) has always felt like one of the themes. So if you could identify which lance/company you were fighting from a number printed on the Mech then this would expose this too easily. So I’m picking a random alpha and digit from a decal sheet for each mech. I’ve also done an alternate 360 of the Commando, I think I prefer this second one (the hexagonal bases make it really easy to do these 3 picture 360s).

  • Main Colour:
    • Undercoat: Abyssal Blue (SC-08)
    • Wash: Panel Line Wash Black Night (A.MIG-1611)
    • Shadow: Intermediate Blue (VMA 71.005)
    • Highlight: UK Mediterranean Blue (VMA 71.111)
  • Highlights:
    • Base: Eclipse Grey (SC-16)
    • Wash: Panel Line Wash Black Night (A.MIG-1611)
    • Highlight: Graphite (SC-03)
  • Glass:
    • Deep Shadow: Black (VMC 70.958)
    • Shadow: Kalahari Orange (SC-14)
    • Mid-Tone: Mars Orange (SC-39)
    • Highlight: Sol Yellow (SC-40)
    • High Highlight: White Sands (SC-09)
    • Extreme Highlight: White (SC-01)
  • Base:
    • Rim: Abyssal Blue (SC-08)
    • Top: Burnt Umber (VMC 70.941)
    • Grass: Green Grass (Woodland Scenics T-45)

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