Thanks for All the Fish

For the last few months I’ve been running the social media for my gaming club: The Monday Knights. We run a website with a whole bunch of odds and ends (BB tournament manager, forum, webmail, etc) and now we’re going to start blogging from there. That means I’ve got a new home for my content,…

Test Israeli Sho’t

A little something different and larger than normal. I think I’ve previously mentioned that I was going to do some 6mm AIW. The first component of this is a number of Israeli Sho’t (Improved Centurion Tanks). I’ve finished one as a test model, and I’m quite happy with the result. The colour is a little…

NanoTanks is on Twitter

I’ve added a NanoTanks twitter account. I don’t think I’m going to do anything with it except for adding a tweet every time I post something here. So if you’re a twitter user and you think this little think might be worth following then please follow @NanoTanks and you’ll get a tweet every time this…

Developed Terrain Hexes – Progress

It’s been a little while since I posted anything much here. It’s been a case of too many projects on the go and I’ve not knuckled down and actually done much with any single one. That and I was demoing games at PAX Australia last weekend, which pretty much knocked me out.

Cancon 2014 Pictures

Not much going on this site, but I did go to Cancon and pump out a few pictures. These pictures are mainly of the Flames of War and Epic games going on, but there’s a few other things too.

Happy Seppuku Base Stamps

Happy Seppuku manufacture textured stamps for creating you own textured bases. If you’ve ever dreamed of having something more exciting than sand on your bases, but are put off by the expense of cast bases then these might be of interest to you. They are pretty simple to use, in fact there are just three…


Just a quick introduction. This blog will be dedicated to my 3mm (1/600) modelling projects. The reason for nano, is well it’s smaller than micro (1:300) and nano is the next S.I. prefix down. Pico was taken by the wonderful folk at PicoArmor.