Tournament Pack

These rules are based on the Official Dropzone Commander Tournament Pack (2015 Edition). Unless contradicted below, this pack will dictate how the tournament runs.

Force Construction:

  • Skirmish size games with a 999 point limit.
  • Famous commanders are NOT allowed.
  • All units (and factions) from the Core Rulebook and Reconquest Phase 1.
  • Updates from the 6-MAR-2015 errata will be used.
  • Lists to be emailed to the Tournament Organiser by 31-MAR-2015 (QR codes are acceptable).

Games Rules:

Best Painted:

  • A best painted trophy will be awarded.
  • To be elligible all your miniatures must be painted. You may still play in the tournament with unpainted or partially painted miniatures.
  • Award will be determined by a player vote (Tournament Organiser to break ties).

Best General:

  • A best general trophy (and prize) will be awarded to the player with the most victory points.
  • Victory points awarded as per the 2015 Tournament Pack.
  • Tie-Breaker #1: Head-to-head results.
  • Tie-Breaker #2: Kill points.


  • There will be 3 rounds each with a 1:45 time limit.
  • The rounds will start at 9:30, 12:30pm and 14:30.
  • Player matchup will be via a Swiss Chess system.
  • First round matchups will avoid (where possible) intra-club and blue-on-blue matchups.
  • Missions are taken from the 2015 Tournament Pack and scaled for Skirmish.
  • The Reconquest 2015 Scenario Pack describes each of these.
  • Mission #1 will be “Recon” with 9 pieces of intelligence per table.
  • Mission #2 will be “Targets of Oppurtunity”.
  • Mission #3 will be “Take and Extract”.
  • On the 1×2 table Mission #3 will be “Moving Target” with only 2 Focal Points.
    • Turn #1: Monorail starts on-table at the board edge.
    • Turn #2: Monorail arrives at station #1 (~12″ from edge).
    • Turn #3: Monorail stays at station #1
    • Turn #4: Monorail moves 12″ toward station #2.
    • Turn #5: Monorail arrives at station #2.
    • Turn #6: Monorail moves to board edge.

What to Bring:

  • Your miniatures, command cards, dice, measuring tape and templates.
  • Datasheet and any special rules for your army.
  • Two copies of your army list (includes one for your opponent).

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