Iberian Cavalry

These figures are a continuation of my Carthaginian forces. This time it is 5 and one third bases of Medium (or maybe Heavy) Iberian Cavalry. Another group of miniatures I’m very happy with. I find 15mm very time consuming, but also very rewarding when they’re done. I think they look pretty good, especially the shields…

Numidian Light Infantry

Another quick post of some new miniatures. These are a handful of Numidian Light Infantry for my Carthaginian Art de la Guere army. Because of the small scale I don’t make any real attempt to blend or do much in the way of transitions. These are much quicker to paint: plenty of washes, drybrushing and…

M1 Abrams Tanks

These have taken me an age to paint, they’re quite large with quite good detail. It’s also not super exciting painting and they’ve been sitting around in various states of half finished.

AH-1F Cobras

Some more work on my US Team Yankee force. I’ve painted a full flight of AH-1 Cobras. These are another great plastic model by Battlefront, one of their good ones and they were a pleasure to assemble.

M113s in MERDC

I think this last project is probably one of my most excessive. I’ve decided that I want to paint my US cold war force in one of the MERDC schemes.