Carthaginian Command

These were painted in the last couple of days with some of the other miniatures and had just been waiting on photographs. I didn’t record the colours, as they’re pretty much just bits and pieces from the other figures. But I did take lots of pictures. I’ve painted them with different coloured, matching capes to help game-play.

These are again Magister Militum/Chariot Miniatures. It’s one pack CAR10 with 8 figures in multiple poses. I got 3 generals (who are all the same), 2 horn blowers (again the same) and 3 standard bearers (who are all different). They’re mounted on 25mm round bases; in ADLG the commanders aren’t a unit like others (they can’t be attacked individually and must be attached to another unit). They’re really just a marker so you can keep track of where they are. As a result I like them to be visually distinct from the proper units.

2 thoughts on “Carthaginian Command

    • Thanks Pete, I’m happy how they’re all coming out. I’m only a few stands short of a full Carthaginian army now. The rest will appear over the next couple of weeks.

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