Balaeric Slingers

These are the last miniatures I’ll be painting for my Carthaginians for a while. As a force they’re pretty much finished; I’ve got well over 200 points in LADLG terms and I don’t think there’s much more useful I can add. The last little unit for this force is 4 bases of Balearic Slingers (LI sling). I didn’t do much special with these guys; the colours are just picked up from the Ligurians and the shields are just random images I felt looked different from the others. As I expand to different ancient forces these guys will end up doing service in a number of different armies from the period.

These models are again from Magister Militum/Chariot Miniatures. I used a single pack of CAR17 (Balearic Slingers) which has 8 figures in 2 different sculpts. I bent them around a fair bit to further increase the variety.

I also finished off the last stand of Cavalry. I now have 6 bases of them in 3 colours (3 white, 2 red and 1 yellow). I’ve used different colours as it lets me denote the different variations (Heavy and Elite are both options in the Carthaginian list) if I have more than one type in my list.

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