Flesh Golems

I’ve finished the last two miniatures for my Necromantic team. Very happy with how these turned out. I went back to the Werewolf flesh for these guys and I thing it works great. I also think it looks great next to the USC colours I’ve had for these guys. Advertisements

Wights & Ghouls

These two guys are almost entirely made of armour, so their colours are pretty much the uniform colours from the Zombies. However, there is one new part: the skeleton which I wanted to paint blue.


It’s been a very unproductive few months here at Nanotanks with illness, and then a bit of a painting funk taking over for a while.

Orc Star Player

I’ve finished the last miniature for my Orcs. I think the chainsaw star players are some of the most iconic Bloodbowl miniatures.


Very few original colours on these guys. The only thing I haven’t used on other figures is their flesh colours. Inspired by the success with my Troll I’ve put together another mix of colours that’s distinct from the other 3 combinations I’ve used (Orc, Black Orc and Troll). This combination is much more yellow with…


Another miniature I really like from Meiko Miniatures. While not the Troll they sell with their Orc team, I prefer this troll. He does, however, look to have some issues regenerating (hopefully that doesn’t foreshadow his in-game performance). I didn’t want to paint the flesh blue as when combined with my blue uniforms it would…