6mm Sho’ts

I’ve been a bit inattentive here of late; the reason has been a bit of progress on a number of other projects taking up my hobby time. First project completed is the 6mm Israeli tanks that first featured a little while back. I’d been putting off putting on the decals because it was a fiddly…

3mm vs 6mm

Another member of my gaming club and I are planning on doing a bit of 1:1 AIW fighting in 6mm. As a starting point we ordered a few tanks, including some T-55s. Seeing as I’ve got some T-55s that also just arrived for my 3mm AIW it seemed like a great opportunity to compare these…

Completed Terrace House Hex

I’ve finished this relatively small little project to build a 2mm terrain hex for use in various games from Hind Commander to Modern Spearhead. The buildings are from Brigade Models, while the greenery is made up of various Woodland Scenics foliage products.

Developed Terrain Hexes – Progress

It’s been a little while since I posted anything much here. It’s been a case of too many projects on the go and I’ve not knuckled down and actually done much with any single one. That and I was demoing games at PAX Australia last weekend, which pretty much knocked me out.

5mm Dice Frames Review

Much to my surprise my 90mm hexes arrived after less than a week from ordering them. Maybe I’ve got low expectations provided by a life time of Australian retail, but I wasn’t expecting them for another week or two. Any way, I’m not going to talk about the hexes, because I threw something else random…

Russian Armour

I’ve actually painted some 3mm stuff. In spite of the name and purported purpose of this site is seems I do more of everything else, other than that. This is not everything, just a few samples of some modern Russian armour I’ve been painting for no particular game or game system. First, some BMP-2s. I’ve…

Police Precinct Commission – Complete

Just a final few shots showing each of the units/types together. I’ve also put in a proper background and set the camera up a little better to give some slightly better shots. These disappear tomorrow, and have been a fun little project. They’re not 100% complete as the client wants to add the wash.