Hobgoblins (Chaos Dwarf)

I’ve made some more progress on the Chaos Dwarf team. This time it is the other filler unit for Chaos Dwarves: 6 Hobgoblins. The owner asked me to try and replicate the studio art colours. I never quite got the green yellow enough (my first try actually landed way too yellow, and trying again gave…

Chaos Dwarves

Someone has asked me to do another commission. The request is for 27 Chaos & Chaos Dwarf players to a basic table top standard. So I’ll be going with some speed painting techniques to get these done nice and quick, but looking good. The first step is a basecoat in black and then an azimuth…

Human Lineman I

I’m mainly painting these miniatures to learn how to paint Non-metallic Metal (NMM). I figured I would start with the linemen and work my way forward to the positionals. The idea being that I would improve as I go, so the players I care about will look better than the players I don’t. I figure…

Flesh Golems

I’ve finished the last two miniatures for my Necromantic team. Very happy with how these turned out. I went back to the Werewolf flesh for these guys and I thing it works great. I also think it looks great next to the USC colours I’ve had for these guys.

Wights & Ghouls

These two guys are almost entirely made of armour, so their colours are pretty much the uniform colours from the Zombies. However, there is one new part: the skeleton which I wanted to paint blue.


It’s been a very unproductive few months here at Nanotanks with illness, and then a bit of a painting funk taking over for a while.