After quite some time away from my Malifaux miniatures I got very keen over a couple of days and started on a new crew. I’ve had Sandeep’s crew sitting round assembled for a little while and I really wanted to get started. I saw the box art for Kudra and wanted to have a shot at replicating what I saw. I think the colours and the flow are great. The only difference I introduced was brightening up the Cobras. First the box/official art.

Here’s my recreation.

I’m extremely happy with how she looks; she’s my best miniature to date and she only took a couple of night’s work (prob ably under 6 hours?) which for me is very fast.

  • Flesh
    • Highlight: Light Brown (VMC 70.929)
    • Midtone: Saddle Brown (VMC 70.940)
    • Shadow: German Camouflage Block Brown (VMC 70.822)
  • Hair
    • Midtone: Deep Blue (SC-55)
    • Wash: Black Shade (VGC 73.201)
    • Highlight: Pastel Blue (VMC 70.901)
    • Shadow: German Grey (VMC 70.995)
  • Gold Details (chains, anklets)
    • Base: Golden Yellow (VMC 70-948)
    • Wash: Inktense Chestnut (SC-81)
    • Highlight: Base
  • Dress
    • Highlight: Sky Blue (VMC 70.961)
    • Midtone: Sky Blue (SC-50)
    • Shadow: Blue Shade (VGC 73.207)
  • Cumberbund
    • Base: Deep Blue (SC-55)
    • Embroidery: Golden Yellow (VMC 70-948)
  • Cobras
    • Base: Green Sky (VMC 70-974)
    • Under-side: Ivory (VMC 70-918), mixed with Base
    • Top-side: Yellow Green (VMC 70-881), diluted uneven coat
    • Mouth Base: Kalahari Orange (SC-14)
    • Mouth Wash: Inktense Chestnut (SC-81)
    • Teeth: White (VMC 70-950)
  • Tiles (base)
    • Base: Iraqi Sand (VMC 70-819)
    • Wash: Inktense Wood (SC-80)
    • Dry-Brush: Buff (VMC 70-976)
    • Ring: Eclipse Grey (SC-16)

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