The last few miniatures from this team. Again, I wasn’t very excited by these guys. I think they’re a bit too similar to each other. Plus they look a little chubby. It’s unfortunate too, as they’re dynamic looking sculpts. Just too much similarity between the models, and it’s not like they can be assembled in a bunch of different ways. There’s only one way to assemble each one; the only variations is the horns you can put on them.

The colours are almost entirely the same as the other Chaos and Chaos Dwarf miniatures. One change I did make was a second wash of the same colour over the flesh to darken it up a little. The other change was to drybrush the fur with Light Brown (VMC 70.929). Aside from that there’s nothing new to see here.

This is a small team with only 12 miniatures so it’s now all done: 8 Beastmen and 4 Blockers. The Minotaur from Willy’s Chaos Dwarves is also going to do double time working for this team too.

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