Minotaur (Chaos Dwarf)

The colours on this guy are just a grab bag from the other miniatures in this team. The only two original components are the red face and the black beard. I’m pretty happy with how he’s ended up, another great mini by Willy.

  • Face:
    • Base: Cavalry Brown (VMC 70.982)
    • Wash: Brown Shade (VGC 73.200)
    • Drybrush: Rose Brown (VMC 70.803)
  • Eyes:
    • Base: Deep Sky Blue (VMC 70.844)
    • Wash: Blue Shade (VGC 73.205)
  • Beard:
    • Base: Black (VMC 70.950) & Black Grey (VMC 70.862) — 2:1
    • Highlight: London Grey (VGC 70.836)

With the Minotaur complete the entire 15 player team (6 Dwarves, 6 Hobgoblins, 2 Bull Centaurs and a Minotaur) are now complete. As I tend to do when finishing a team, I’ve taken a team photo. These will be going to the owner tomorrow.

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