Human Lineman I

I’m mainly painting these miniatures to learn how to paint Non-metallic Metal (NMM). I figured I would start with the linemen and work my way forward to the positionals. The idea being that I would improve as I go, so the players I care about will look better than the players I don’t. I figure after finishing a 16 player Bloodbowl team I should get reasonably good at it. At which point I’ll apply the technique to some Malifaux and Arena Rex models I’m particularly keen on looking good.

Before starting I spent a bit of time looking at video tutorials and the one that took my fancy was by Painting Buddha. In particular how they painted the gold armour on a GW Stormcast Eternal. They call their technique the Loaded Brush, and it involves loading the brush with the thin base or shadow colour and putting a tiny amount of the highlight at the tip. As you paint the base colour diffuses into the highlight and you can get a fairly quick blend. You then fix this up and tweak with thin glazes. That of course is if you know the technique, which I do not. However, my aim is to learn the technique with this team and I’m curious to see how I develop. To achieve this I’ll finish each model in its entirety and then move to the next.

The colours I used are below. There was a lot of mixing of the different colours to create the glazes and tweak spots.

  • Armour (NMM):
    • Base: Mix of Gold Brown (VMC 70.877) and Flat Brown (VMC 70.984)
    • Loaded Brush – Base: Gold Brown (VMC 70.877)
    • Loaded Brush – Tip: Ivory (VMC 70.918)
    • Shadow: Hull Red (VMC 70.985)
  • Pants:
    • Base: Black Grey (VMC 70.862)
    • Shadow: Dark Shade (VGC 73.201)
    • Shadow II: Black (VMC 70.950)
    • Highlight: Mirage Blue (VMC 70.900)
  • Gloves:
    • Base: Dark Sea Blue (VMC 70.898)
    • Highlight I: Mirage Blue (VMC 70.900)
    • Highlight II: Grey Blue (VMC 70.943)
  • Boots:
    • Base: Cavalry Brown (VMC 70.898)
    • Wash (2 coats): Sepia Shade (VMC 73.200)
    • Laces: Pale Sand (VMC 70.837)
    • Sole: German Grey (VMC 70.995)
  • Straps:
    • Base: Brown Sand (VMC 70.876)
    • Wash: Sepia Shade (VMC 73.200)
  • Steel Studs (NMM):
    • Base: Black Grey (VMC 70.862)
    • Highlight I: Mirage Blue (VMC 70.900)
    • Highlight II: Sky Grey (VMC 70.989)
  • Base:
    • Texture: Sandy Paste (Vallejo 26.215)
    • Colour: Medium Olive (VMC 70.850)

The other thing I’d thought I would try is an darker skin colour on this team. I’ve listed the colours below, but I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from CMON: Ethnic Skin-tones

  • Base/Shadow: German Camouflage Black Brown (VMC 70.822)
  • Highlight I: Chocolate Brown (VMC 70.872)
  • Highlight II: USA Tan Earth (VMC 70.874)
  • Highlight III: Rose Brown (VMC 70.803)
  • Highlight IV: Basic Skinton (VMC 70.815)

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