Saga Heroes

It’s been a long while since I last posted; Christmas, a surprise house move and a couple of other life events have meant I haven’t posted for quite a while. However, I have been fairly productive, so I’ll be putting up a few posts in fairly quick succession as I clear some of the backlog of finished items.

The first of these is a quick little commission I did for a friend who won a couple of Saga heroes at a recent event. The two miniatures are Brian Boru and Ulf the Quarrelsome. I must say I really like both of these miniatures. Brian has a heap of character and Ulf is very dynamic. I’m not sure who sculpted them, but I think they’re great miniatures.

I didn’t deviate too far from the studio paint jobs. I just simplified them a little: the trim on Brian’s tunic, Ulf’s pants and Ulf’s shield. I also brightened up the palette a little. Despite these simplifications I’m really happy with how they’ve come out.

I didn’t record the colours, but I did take some work in progress pictures as I went. First Brian:

Now Ulf:

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