Wights & Ghouls

These two guys are almost entirely made of armour, so their colours are pretty much the uniform colours from the Zombies. However, there is one new part: the skeleton which I wanted to paint blue. Blue was a pretty random choice for the skeleton, but I’d been thinking it ever since seeing the miniatures. I’m not entirely sure why either; maybe it’s the supernatural element, or the contrast with the uniform. Anyway I can’t really explain it, but it’s there now.

  • Base: Deep Sky Blue (VMC 70.844)
  • Wash: Blue Shade (VGC 73.202)
  • Highlight I: Sky Blue (VGC 70.961)
  • Highlight II: 50% Sky Blue (VGC 70.961) & 505 White (VMC 70.951)

I also painted two Ghouls for the team. A lot more flesh here with only a little bit of the uniform colours. I wanted a different, bluer skintone for these two so I went with Turquoise and greens. All the other parts are painted like the others in the team; the bone shards are the same as the teeth, just with a bit more white.

  • Base: 66% Turquoise (VMC 70.966) & 33% German Uniform (VMC 70.920)
  • Shadow: Bronze Green (VMC 70.897)
  • Highlight I: 50% Turquoise (VMC 70.966) & 50% Green Sky (VMC 70.974)

These four miniatures mean this team is actually fairly close to complete as I’m stopping this team and 14 miniatures. That’s the full range of positionals (8) and six Zombies; while I have another 2 Zombies I don’t think I’ll run more than 6 Zombies. Just a couple of Flesh Golems to go.

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