M113s, M163s and M901s

After the 3 test models featured back a couple of months ago, I got going and produced another 13 AFVs in 3 different variants. I haven’t put any number or tactical markings on them as there’s been nothing to really inspire me and I think anything obvious might take away from the general feel of the vehicles. I’ve also skipped aerials as these will be game figures and they won’t survive.

First are a platoon of 4 M163 VADS. These happy little characters mount a 6 barrel Vulcan Machine Gun and act as an anti-aircraft unit. At the moment they’re the only AA that the US can take in Team Yankee, so they are pretty much an automatic inclusion in every US force. As they are a little fatter than the others (there are floats attached to each side that bring up the buoyancy) and so they required a new set of masks to paint.

Next I have 4 of the M901 ITV, which mounts a TOW anti-tank missile. For these, the masks were the same as the M113s (a little win there). These are only available in units of 2, so this provides another 2 platoons. These arent an automatic inclusion, but costing 3 points for each pair they’re a nice little point filler and give a little anti-tank punch. However, in platoons of 2 with very low armour they’re very fragile.

Lastly I’ve got 8 M113 APCs. I gave half of them gunners and the other half close top. I think I’ll use that to designate commanders and what not.

I’ll end with a picture of all 16 vehicles. As scary as this is, I think I might be back for more M113s/variants at some point. For my force as planned I need another M113 APC as well as a M981 FISTV as an artillery observer. I’m also tempted to add a M106 mortar unit (which could be another 6 vehicles) and I could add another 4 M901s to create a bit more of a scary anti-tank threat from them. That adds up to another 12 M113s… Not sure I have that many more in me. I haven’t painted any of the M1 Abrams or M109s yet.

5 thoughts on “M113s, M163s and M901s

  1. Those tanks look great. Did you use mig products for weathering? Im currently working on my first TY soviets. A us mech company would be my second choice but its very costly moneywise.

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