It’s taken me an age and several attempts to paint this miniature. My main challenge was the face; I had tried the techniques I’d used to great success with Ramos, Howard and Joss. When I tried to make this more feminine I ended up with what would be generously described as exaggerated drag. As a result this model sat around for a while, until my recent success with the showgirls.


I didn’t take great notes of the colours (this model was done in a rush to try and get it ready for Cancon), but what I did not is below. The flesh is the same as Colette.

  • Hair:
    • Base: Cavalry Brown (VMC 70.982)
    • Wash: Hull Brown (VMC 70.985)
    • Drybrush: Scarlet (VMC 70.817)
  • Shirt:
    • Base: Prussian Blue (VMC 70.965)
  • Pants:
    • Base: USA Olive Drab (VMC 70.889)
  • Boots:
    • Base: Black Grey (VMC 70.862)
    • Shadow I: Black (VMC 70.950)
    • Highlight I: 50% Black Grey (VMC 70.862) & 50% London Grey (VMC 70.836)
    • Highlight II: London Grey (VMC 70.836)

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