I’ve been excited to paint Colette’s Showgirls for a little while, but also somewhat intimidated. Most of my painting is fairly earthy in tone. It’s mainly military camouflage which is usually pretty drab and green/brown (for obvious reasons). However, I’ve got a real chance with the Showgirls to step things out to brighter and more vibrant colours. So while the Orc State bloodbowl guys were a bit brighter, I’m now going to pretty it up a little and get a fair bit brighter.

The other concern I have is a good flesh colour for the girls. I’ve been happy with my flesh on the M&SU boys, but I wasn’t happy with how I went with Johanna (hence why she hasn’t been completed or posted up here).

So in the interest of baby steps I started with the Mannequins which don’t have any flesh. Instead I will paint their body in a linen/muslin type colour (which is far more in my comfort zone).10362857_1087285234638696_8762409807006590638_n

The first Coryphee is a blue green and chocolate brown colour. I based this on the following picture (that I’ve been unable to find the source of – so if you do happen to recognise please let me know so I can source it). The second is a scarlet and black (I didn’t really use a reference picture as inspiration for this one).

  • Body:
    • Base: Ivory (VMC 70.918)
    • Wash: OIF & OEF Wash (AK 121)
    • Highlight: White (VMC 70.951)
  • Green Dress:
    • Base: Deep Green (VMC 70.970)
    • Wash: 2 coats Blue Shade (VGC 73.202)
    • Highlight I: Deep Green (VMC 70.970)
    • Highlight II: 75% Deep Green (VMC 70.970) & 25% Sky Blue (VMC 70.961)
    • Highlight III: 50% Deep Green (VMC 70.970) & 50% Sky Blue (VMC 70.961)
    • Stays: Oily Steel (VMC 70.865)
    • Bows: Hull Red (VMC 70.985)
  • Pink Flower:
    • Base: Rose Brown (VMC 70.803)
    • Petal Interior: Red Shade (VGC 73.206)
    • Petal Highlight: Light Flesh (VMC 70.928)
    • Stamen I: Golden Yellow (VMC 70.948)
    • Stamen II: Intense Yellow (VMC 70.915)
  • Chocolate Stockings:
    • Base: Hull Red (VMC 70.985)
    • Highlight I: 75% Hull Red (VMC 70.985) & 25% Saddle Brown (VMC 70.940)
    • Highlight II: 50% Hull Red (VMC 70.985) & 50% Saddle Brown (VMC 70.940)
    • Highlight III: Saddle Brown (VMC 70.940)
    • Highlight IV: 50% Saddle Brown (VMC 70.940) & 50% Rose Brown (VMC 70.803)
  • Red Dress:
    • Base: Scarlet (VMC 70.817)
    • Wash: Red Shade (VGC 73.206)
    • Shadow I: 25% Hull Red (VGC 70.985) & 75% Scarlet (VMC 70.817)
    • Highlight I: Scarlet (VMC 70.817)
    • Highlight II: 50% Scarlet (VMC 70.817) & Rose Brown (VMC 70.803)
    • Highlight III: Rose Brown (VMC 70.803)
    • Stays: Oily Steel (VMC 70.865)
    • Bows Base: Black Grey (VMC 70.862)
    • Bows Wash: NATO Camouflage Wash (A.MIG-1008)
  • Shoes:
    • Base: Black (VMC 70.950)
    • Highlight: Black Grey (VMC 70.862)
  • Joints & Blades:
    • Base: 50% Oily Steel (VMC 70.865) & 50% Silver (VMC 70.997)
    • Wash: NATO Camouflage Wash (A.MIG-1008)
    • Straps: Saddle Brown (VMC 70.940)
  • Gauntlets:
    • Base: German Camouflage Medium Brown (VMC 70.826)
    • Wash: Track Wash (A.MIG-1002)


But don’t worry, the girls will follow soon and I’ll develop a female flesh (with make up that I’m happy with). However, for the moment it’s just some bright pretty frocks. Hey – I’ve got Coryphee too. I could go put the flesh conundrum back even further…

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