Electrical Creation

I’ve shifted from Bloodbowl to Malifaux for a little bit. I’ve got a bye in Bloodbowl so it will be a few weeks until I play again. While, in just 3 short weeks I am playing in a Malifaux tournament (Twatifaux). As a result I want to get as much painted as possible so as to give me variety in what I run. This little guy doesn’t spend long on the board to be frank. I tend to be killing him in order to create a scrap marker that then starts my Steam Arachnid engine. Still, one day I might keep him round past turn 1.


The colours I went with are a sickly flesh. So the base is a yellowish tan with a hint of green. I then applied some blue/brown/black washes to give it an off look. The arcing is done it really bright light blue to give it that electric hue. I made no attempt to be smooth with the arcing, so it’s got a scratchy look to it. I think that helps bring out the electric look. There is also some really slight OSL on the body that was a simple dry brush with some of the same blues used in the arcing.

  • Flesh:
    • Base: Buff (VMC 70.976).
    • Filter I: Brown Blue Wash (AK 070) diluted to 20%.
    • Filter II: Track Wash (A.MIG-1002) diluted to 33%.
    • Wash: NATO Camouflage Wash (A.MIG-1001) diluted to 50%.
    • Highlight I: Buff (VMC 70.976).
    • Highlight II: Pale Sand (VMC 70.837).
  • Eyes:
    • Iris: Luftwaffe Uniform Grey (VMC 70.816).
    • Pupil: Deep Sky Blue (VMC 70.844).
  • Metal:
    • Base: Oily Steel (VMC 70.865).
    • Electrodes Bronze (VMC 70.998).
    • Wash: NATO Camouflage Wash (A.MIG-1001) diluted to 50%.
  • Cables:
    • Base: Black Grey (VMC 70.862).
    • Shadow I: Black (VMC 70.950).
    • Highlight I: Luftwaffe Uniform Grey (VMC 70.816).
    • Highlight II: London Grey (VMC 70.836).
    • Cable Ties: Medium Sea Grey (VMC 70.870).
  • Arcing:
    • Base: Deep Sky Blue (VMC 70.844).
    • Wash: Blue Shade (VGC 73.207) diluted to 50%.
    • Highlight I: Deep Sky Blue (VMC 70.844).
    • Highlight II: Sky Blue (VMC 70.961).
    • OSL Drybrush I: Andrea Blue (VMC 70.841).
    • OSL Drybrush II: Deep Sky Blue (VMC 70.844).
  • Lens:
    • Base: Deep Sky Blue (VMC 70.844).
    • Highlight I: Sky Blue (VMC 70.961).
    • Shadow I: Andrea Blue (VMC 70.841).
    • Shadow II: Dark Blue (VMC 70.930).
    • Highlight II: White (VMC 70.951).



I’m not sure what happened around the base. For some reason my varnish started to peel. Fortunately it was just around the base, so I could peel it and repaint it black.


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