Plans for 2016

In the Western world at least, it is the season for resolutions, recaps and goals. Looking back at my year I’m slightly disappointed in my level of productivity; I simply haven’t painted or completed as much as I’d like. I’m happy with the quality, and I think I’m improving as a painter. When compare my recent work on Batman, Malifaux and the Orcs with my older stuff I’m pleasantly surprised.

With all this in mind here are some goals I’ve put forward for myself this year:

  • Paint more than I purchase/receive. This is the big one; all others are really setting subsidiary
    goals to achieve this one.

Now for some of the individual components:

  1. Paint my Ramos crew (for Malifaux).
  2. Paint my Colette crew (for Malifaux).
  3. Paint my Orc Bloodbowl Team.
  4. Paint my (soon to arrive) Necromantic Bloodbowl Team.
  5. Paint all my Batman crew (for Batman Miniature Game).
  6. Paint all my Joker crew (for Batman Miniature Game).
  7. Paint all my Scourge (for Dropzone Commander).
  8. Paint/Assemble my Dropzone Commander terrain.
  9. Paint all my Muslims (for Saga Crescent & Cross).
  10. Paint the rest of my Aussie Hind Commander.

All together that would constitute more than sixty 25-32mm miniatures. So a bit over one a week (which is a bit concerning now I put it like that). There’s also not much small scale stuff in there – which makes a mockery of the whole Blog name. That’s a symptom of what I’ve found myself playing more often, so I actually think it’s a good thing.

Other, non-painting/non-modelling plans are:

  1. No new systems. I need to do this for my sanity – I don’t want to add anything new. It’s out of control. There’s a couple of KickStarters to arrive so that will be all.
  2. Play in some Malifaux tournaments. I think I want to get good at this game, not just play it for shits and giggles.
  3. Make a decision about whether I keep running Dropzone Commander stuff. I’m half in at the moment; I run shit, but I’m not dedicating much time to it.
  4. Make a decision about whether I run something at PaX this year. I enjoy it alot, but I don’t think there’s a huge pay-off. We haven’t developed players from it, and the traders at PaX selling stuff doesn’t do much for me. I also don’t think we’d ever develop many players – a board game crew could. But I don’t think you’re going to convince a PC/console gaming audience to jump to paining miniatures and tabletop. Mind you, I’m not sure what you could do to develop new players. And do I care? I’ve got a group, we organically shrink/grow over time and that’s cool for me.

Any way, I’ve gotten off topic there. This post is about my plans for the year, not the state of miniature gaming. So I’ve got my plans and I’m happy, now I just need to see how I go finishing some of them.

3 thoughts on “Plans for 2016

  1. That is an impressively detailed list of hobby goals.

    I’m not sure what the Malifaux scene is like in your area but if it is anything like the UK scene then you will find it very rewarding to become part of.

  2. Malifaux is a great game. I have several crews. The game is thematic and very tactical. Complicated though with all the special abilities.

    I think you have too many games! I need to focus my hobby time too. 🙂

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