I’ve been a bit negligent of the blog for a little while. I’ve been doing hobby stuff, just not posting. Anyway, this is just a quick post of the X-Wings from the Star Wars Armada core set. I don’t plan on playing much of the Rebels, but I thought I’d paint these up. And, although not as good as Rule37 painted X-Wings, I’m happy with how they turned out. I’m not sure what the next blog post will be, I’ve got a worse than usual case of gamer A.D.D. at the moment.

XWings-01XWings-02XWings-03XWings-04XWings-x4I might give these a wash, but they don’t look bag as they are to be honest. The colours I used:

  • Base – White Grey – VMA-71.119
  • Engine – German Fieldgrey WWII – VMC-70.830
  • Engine Intake – Black Grey – VMC-70.862
  • Engine Glow – Bright Orange – VMC-70.851
  • Cockpit Glass – Black Grey – VMC-70.862
  • Cockpit Frame – Pastel Blue – VMC-70.901
  • R2 Unit (red) – Scarlet – VMC-70.815
  • R2 Unit (green) – German Camouflage Bright Green – VMC-70.833
  • R2 Unit (blue) – Intense Blue – VMC-70.925
  • R2 Unit (yellow) – Golden Yellow – VMC-70.945
  • Markings (red) – Scarlet – VMC-70.815
  • Markings (green) – German Camouflage Bright Green – VMC-70.833
  • Markings (blue) – Andrea Blue – VMC-70.841

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