3mm Egyptian T-55 Armoured Brigade

Another chunk of 3mm progress. And while not quite a full Brigade, there are 3 battalions of T-55s. First a couple of pictures of individual bases.

T55-Command-01T55-Platoon-01T55-Platoon-02One thing to note is the different label colours. The Israelis were a light blue and these are a very light tan. They’re labelled as part of the 4th Armoured Division (2nd Brigade). Now, each of the 3 Battalions.

T55-Battalion-01T55-Battalion-02T55-Battalion-03I’ll end the pictures with a shot of all 3 Battalions.

T55-Brigade-01I’ll end with the colours used (again this is mainly for me when I add to this unit):

  • Base: Iraqi Sand (VMC 70.819)
  • Drybrush: Pale Sand (VMC 70.837)
  • Camouflage: German Camouflage Pale Brown (VMC 70.825)
  • Tracks: German Camouflage Black Brown (VMC 70.921)
  • Gun Shadow: Black Grey (VMC 70.862)
  • Wash: Dark Brown Wash (AK-045), thinned.

Another recipe I want to record is how I did the bases:

  • Texture: Vallejo Sandy Paste (26.215) mixed with MIG Productions Gulf War Sand Pigment (P037)
  • Wash: Ammo’s Track Wash (A.MIG-1002)
  • Dry Brush: Iraqi Sand (VMC 70.819)
  • Bushes: Woodland Scenics Fine Turf Earth (T42)
  • Highlight Bushes: Woodland Scenics Underbrush Olive Green (FC134) and Underbrush Forest Green (FC138)

3 thoughts on “3mm Egyptian T-55 Armoured Brigade

  1. I have just seen your posts on Modern Spearhead. I use the rules and find them excellent, your models will, I suspect, create an interesting battlefield. I look forward to further posts.

    • I’ve been slack in playing some MSH, I’ve got enough for a small Israeli vs Egyptian game. I’m just yet to run through it to get my head around the rules.

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