Dropzone Commander vs 3mm

Just a quick couple of pictures that give an idea of the scale of a couple of the smaller Dropzone Commander units next to a few different 3mm miniatures. The two DzC miniatures are the Prowler (orange/green coloured) and a stand of 3 Destroyers (Grey coloured).Dzc-vs-3mm-01Dzc-vs-3mm-02Dzc-vs-3mm-03Dzc-vs-3mm-04Dzc-vs-3mm-05Dzc-vs-3mm-06Dzc-vs-3mm-07Dzc-vs-3mm-08These pictures were requested by Thaddeus (I don’t get many requests so I should respond to them when I do), and as a reminder, we’re comparing 3mm and 10mm scales. So it’s more than 3* the scale difference.


One thought on “Dropzone Commander vs 3mm

  1. Thank you very much! The prowlers look like they will work perfectly as 3mm alien death machines! The Destroyers less so. They have too much of a face to be biomechs in 3mm scale.

    But those prowlers with O8’s alien figures… They will do the job nicely! Thank you again!

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