Completed Terrace House Hex

I’ve finished this relatively small little project to build a 2mm terrain hex for use in various games from Hind Commander to Modern Spearhead. The buildings are from Brigade Models, while the greenery is made up of various Woodland Scenics foliage products.Terraces-Done01Terraces-Done02Terraces-Done03Now a couple of pictures to show how it looks with some 3mm miniatures (on 20mm bases – square and round).Terraces-DonePopulated01Terraces-DonePopulated02Terraces-DonePopulated03Finally one last picture with a AA battery for scale.Terraces-DoneScale01


6 thoughts on “Completed Terrace House Hex

    • Thank you – I’m pretty stoked with it. I’ve got immediate plans for another 2 and how this one has turned out has moved them up the priority list.

  1. Holy Moses, those city hexes are amazing. I have been toying with building some 3mm Dutch cold war forces for Modern Spearhead. This really pushes me to getting into it.

    Excellent work.

    • Thanks, it’s mainly down to Brigade Models, though. They’ve put together some pretty cool little buildings that paint in no time.

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