Developed Terrain Hexes – Progress

It’s been a little while since I posted anything much here. It’s been a case of too many projects on the go and I’ve not knuckled down and actually done much with any single one. That and I was demoing games at PAX Australia last weekend, which pretty much knocked me out.

Anyway I’ve made a little progress with the developed terrain hexes, and a couple of people had asked for some pictures of the layouts with 20mm bases to judge how they all fit. I’ve painted about half the terraces and I’ve also base coated the actual hex itself. I’m waiting for some decals to arrive that I’ll be using for road marking and there will be some fences, bushes and trees to break up the green areas.

Not much else to say, other than I’ve got some ambitious plans ahead of me so I should be posting a little more material over the next few weeks up until Christmas takes over.Terraces-WiP01Terraces-WiP02Terraces-WiP03

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