Developed Terrain Hexes – Layouts

My plan is to build some developed sectors using Brigade Models’ 2mm buildings. These will be perfect for any Hind Commander games and also any other 2/3/6mm Microarmour I end up playing with. One of the games I’m thinking of trying is Modern Spearhead, which uses 3″ square urban sectors. Now, in my last post I discussed my distaste with squares so it’s going to be hexagons. After some playing around I also found 3″ (75mm) to be a little small for what I wanted to do. So I ended up going with 90mm hexagons. I think 3″ squares to 90mm hexes is a perfectly reasonable progression.

My last post also featured my plan for the grid. So I neatly ruled out some hexes and started playing with different layouts of buildings. First a village sector, with a church in the middle, a cemetery and about a dozen small buildings.Village-Layout00Village-Layout01Village-Layout02Village-Layout03Next, my favourite, a terrace houses sector. I think I might do a couple more of these as it really does give a good little city.Terraces-Layout01Terraces-Layout02Terraces-Layout03Last an industrial sector. I might try to put together a couple more modern buildings at some point. It should be pretty easy as they are mostly blocks and simple geometric shapes.Industrial-Layout01Industrial-Layout02Industrial-Layout03Next steps with this project, which will probably be a bit of a slow burner, are to paint the buildings. I’ve got to wait for hexes to arrive (90mm hexes aren’t exactly standard basing fare), and anyway I prefer to paint the buildings off the base.

5 thoughts on “Developed Terrain Hexes – Layouts

  1. Have you thought about making your own hexes out of something like PlastiCard? I make bases out of those and have made some hexagons for use with Check Your 6! Jet Age and use O8’s 3mm planes.

    • Cheers TriOpticon, I found some MDF cut ones. I’m hoping their precision means I can tile them and have the joins disappear. My effort to draw one didn’t go great – good enough to lay things out. It’s close, only a mm or two on the final edge, but they wouldn’t fit neatly together.

      • Sounds good. Would you mind posting the exact measurement of the hex? I think from flat to flat and then corner to opposite corner should be sufficient for me to give it a try.

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