More USMC Vehicles

This is the last batch of USMC vehicles and completes enough for an entire strike-force (rather than the half strike-forces we typically play with). The new additions are some HEMMTs and M-ATVs. The colours are the same as I’ve used previously.

First are 3 unarmed trucks (HEMMTs). Completely unprotected and pretty easy to kill, these are essentially just targets. However I quite like their look and they are big. The last picture has a AA battery to give some idea of the scale of things (the bases are 20mm wide).HEMTT-1HEMTT-2Next we have some M-ATVs. These vehicles are the latest mine resistant transport vehicles and are designed to be protected like the Cougars, but much lighter.MATV-1MATV-2Lastly this is a group shot of the entire non-armoured part of the ground force (760 pts): 6* M-ATV, 5* LVTP-7, 4* LMTV and 3* HEMMT.Modified by CombineZP


4 thoughts on “More USMC Vehicles

  1. Pico does some amazing work – coupled with your attention to detail and painting skills it’s a winning combination! Hope they fare well for you in the battlefield!

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