Russian Armour

I’ve actually painted some 3mm stuff. In spite of the name and purported purpose of this site is seems I do more of everything else, other than that. This is not everything, just a few samples of some modern Russian armour I’ve been painting for no particular game or game system.

First, some BMP-2s. I’ve got a full company in 1:1 (that’s 12 – 3 platoons each with 3 vehicles, a company commander and 2 vehicles for the MGs). However, here’s just a few pictures of a sample:BMP2-Aerial1
BMP2-Side1BMP2-Ohead1BMP2-PlatoonFront1BMP2-PlatoonSide1I also have a few T-80s done up. Not quite the full company (I need 13 for that), but there’s still a decent number.
T80-Ohead1T80-PlatoonSide1Lastly a few random Russian things (BMP-3, Tunguska air defence, BTR-80 personnel carrier)BTR80-1Tunguska-1BMP3-Ohead1BMP3-1

3 thoughts on “Russian Armour

  1. I have an odd request for you…

    I am looking for some truly alien vehicles for my 3mm layout and those prowlers look like they may be just the ticket. Would you mind shooting a shot with the prowlers next to some 3mm stands and your wonderful built-up areas? Just so we can see the effect. DZC’s is too expensive for me to buy and have shipped to Brazil on a whim.

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