USMC Wrap-up

I’ve finished and even played a game with the USMC forces that have been built up throughout the life of this blog. I’d neglected posting about these of late, the last minis painted for it (some OH-58Ds in olive green) I hadn’t even posted about. So I’ve just taken some pictures and thrown up a post.

A couple of things to note about the pictures:

  • More experimentation – I think a little unsuccessful given how blurry some of the photos are. This is using an old telephoto lens rather than the macro lens. Can definitely see the difference in quality of the macro lens with these shots.
  • The backdrop is a present from the wife, she’s watched me use various t-shirts, jumpers and scraps of cloth and figured there must be something better out there. She found, without any help from me, some back-drops from Hangar-18 Miniatures and order a set of 6x A-3 backdrops. I’ve only played with a couple, but they are pretty nice and are an improvement on the bright green grass I’d been using.

First the vehicles which have all been based on 20x20x1.5mm acrylic squares.


LMTV medium trucks


LVTP-7 amphibious APCs


M1A2 main battle tank


All the strike groups IFVs: a LAV-25 and 2x M1A1


All the vehicles together

Next, the aircraft. I’ve added some clear plastic rotors to one of the AH-1Zs; I’m not sure how I feel about these. They are very fragile and damn difficult to cut out and glue on.


AH-1Z Viper


UH-1Y Venom


AH-1Z Viper with main and tail rotors attached


E-8C JSTARS playing the role of an AWACS radar in this strike group


The E-8C escorted by 2* F/A-18


The two F/A-18s on their own


OH-58D recon helicopter

I don’t think I’ll be doing too much to these for a little while. The only pieces to add are some infantry and to expand it to a full strike group and include some of the other marine equipment. However, I think this is a little way off.

  • More attack helos (can never have enough Vipers).
  • Some of the heavier lift helos (sea knights and super stallions.
  • Some infantry.
  • Some of the other Marine vehicles: the MRAP, HEMMTT and maybe the guided missile artillery vehicle they use.

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