Russian Su-27 Flanker – Base Colours

I’ve had these on my desk for a while and I’ve been itching to paint one in a bright blue camouflage scheme I spotted a while back. For some reason the pictures of these are always done in some crazy camouflage scheme. I’m not sure if it would work, but maybe the point is to look cool rather than being hard to spot. The main inspiration comes from Vitaly Kuzmin’s blog, and it’s pictures of Su-34s that I’ve based this on.

The colours used are:

  • Base: Deep Sky Blue (VMC 70844),
  • Dark spots: Turquoise (VMC 70966),
  • Nose cone and tail tips: London Grey (VMC 70836),
  • Engines: Sky Grey (VMC 70989),
  • Nozzles: 50% Black & 50% German Grey (VMC 70950 & VMC 70995),
  • Nozzle drybrush: London Grey (VMC 70836),
  • Canopy: 50% Black & 50% German Grey (VMC 70950 & VMC 70995),
  • Bombs: Luftwaffe Camouflage Green (VMC 70823)
  • AA Missiles: 20% Luftwaffe Uniform Grey & 80% White (VMC 70816 & VMC 70951)
  • Missile tip: Scarlet (VMC 70817)


I will be doing one or two friends (and also likely try another camouflage scheme at some point). I also need to add some panel lines and decals, but that will be after a coat of gloss varnish.

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