Police Precinct Commission – Part II

Not a lot of progress, a very bad bout of gastro laid me out for pretty much the entire week. However, I got back to things over the weekend and I started with some 15mm Police. As this is just a base-coating job: washes, etc to be done by the customer they are pretty plain, but I think have come up pretty well. The colours are nice and bright, but help the small figures stand out. I’ve gone for a mix of ethnicities (it is after all a modern police force).

Colours used:

  • Shirt: Deep Sky Blue (VMC 70844),
  • Pants & Hat: Prussian Blue (VMC 70965>,
  • Belt, Tools & Gun: German Grey (VMC 70995),
  • Boots: Black (VMC 70950),
  • Badges: Brass (VMC 70801),
  • Skin: Dark Flesh, Medium Fleshtone or Flat Brown (VMC 70927, 70860 or 70985),
  • Asphalt: even mix German Fieldgrey WWII and Black (VMC 70830 & 70950), and
  • Lips: even mix Rose Brown & Red Leather (VMC 70803 & 70818).




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