Police Precinct Commission – Part I

Just started work on a commission of 15mm miniatures. These are for use with Police Precinct which is a cooperative board game that was the subject of a successful KickStarter a little while back. While it doesn’t require any miniatures, the client is making a custom 3D board with 3D buildings, cars and of course miniatures. The miniatures he’s chosen are a number of different modern and post-apocalyptic sets from Rebel Minis. The minis are going to represent various police officers, FBI agents, gang members and criminals. These posts will serve as a bit of a diary for the client as well as give me something to post about. The level of painting requested is just block painted, so this should have a fairly quick turn-around.

At the moment I’m in the very early stages. They were supplied already based on our local 5c coins. However the Rebel minis sit on a little 1-2mm thick base that sat above the coin. So as a first step I’ve hidden the extra bit of metal by using some Vallejo White Stone paste to build up the rest of the base. The Vallejo paste is a thick paste that dries to a nice hard surface. The advantages are that it is quite easy to cut and file when dry so it is perfect to use. Some time later I had built up the bases on the 58 minis and carved them to a relatively smooth surface.

The last bit of preparation was to mount them all to tongue depressors (or wax applicators) to ease handling and bulk painting.

The minis are pretty nice little sculpts: quite characterful and crisp so I’ll end by putting up a few quick pictures from the workbench with links to the Rebel Minis sets. Sorry for the low quality camera work – these are just quick snaps as they sit on the work bench.

FBI Agents: RMMIB.

Criminals: 15mm-hostag.

Police: RMUSP.

SWAT / Special Ops: 15mm-armed-gunm.

Gang Members: 15mm-street-pun and RMPAG.


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