Dust Mil Mi-47 Helicopter

Another Dust miniature, this is one of my favourites. The look of the miniature has grown on me; initially I thought it was a bit bulbish and rounded, but now I’m all for it. This look also fits in with the feel of Dust: there’s a 50s Pulp feel to the art and the Mi-47 fits in with that look. In game it’s also quite fun: the variant I like (the Striker) does a number on infantry, other aircraft and light walkers.

The paint scheme is pretty basic with the same green as used for the IS-5 and the bottom half a light grey. The two halves were painted with an airbrush and Tamiya masking tape to get a nice crisp line. Aside from that it was the usual AK weathering products.


The base was a bit of an experiment: I used a rock pile to reduce the impact of the flight stand in the middle. A few other bits of rubble were included and then quite a number of miniNatur tufts (and a few Heki ones, but I much prefer the miniNatur ones) onto the base. I only had 3 colours, but I think it the effect is pretty decent. I was aiming for an area that was not long ago destroyed, but the front has now moved on a little and nature has had a little time to regain a hold and overgrow the devastation.


I’ll end with a zoomed out picture of the helicopter and the base.



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