Dystopian Wars Aristotle class Battleship

I’ve had a little bit of ADD of late: jumping round from project to project to project. An ongoing project I’ve had is my Antarctican Dystopian Wars fleet. This is one of those projects I come back to every so often to break out a couple more models, get them painted and (all to infrequently) on the table.

Dystopian Wars is a miniature game set in an alternate history Steam Punk universe. In short it’s the late 19th century and the discovery of an impossibly powerful element has led to technology that’s a blend of Victorian technology with advanced science fiction. You have giant ships belching smoke and plasma beams alongside mobile airfields the size of small towns and giant walking robots that look like Teutonic knights. Spartan games are the producers and you can find much more information on their website.

What got me back to these models is that I used the same technique as planned for Winterchild. It’s a way to get coloured metallic paint. In short it’s a silver layer that is covered by one or more wash layers with either traditional washes or some of the inks that are now being produced. This results in a toned down metallic layer that takes on the colour of the ink or wash.


Soon I will upload some pictures of Winterchild that’s finished, but needs some photos taken.

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