Dust Winterchild II

Winterchild is complete. I’m pretty happy with how he came up. The metallic effect has worked pretty well. I used an ink instead of the washes I’ve experimented with previously and it made things quite a bit easier. I needed fewer coats to get a nice colouration and the coverage is much easier to manage.

The used the following colours on this guy:

  • Winterchild base: Silver (VMA 71063), over white primer.
  • Winterchild wash: Red & Purple Ink (VGC 72086 & VGC 72087) 75% : 25%.
  • Winterchild gold details: Brass (VMC 70801).
  • Winterchild pipes: Copper (VMC 70999).
  • Winterchild tubes: Oily Steel (VMC 70865) w/ black shade (VGC 73201).
  • Radiation beam base: Fluro Green (VMC 70737) over ivory base
  • Radiation beam wash: Green shade (VGC 73205).
  • Radiation beam highlights: Pale Blue & German Camouflage Bright Green (VMC 70906 & VMC 70833) 50%:50%.



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