USMC UH-1Y Venom

Another batch of helicopters. The other light helicopter used by the USMC is the U-1Y Venom. Based on the venerable Huey, the Venom is a utility helicopter that’s primarily used for transport.

This one is pretty simple, the colours are essentially the same as the Viper. The only difference is there are no missle pods and there is a top window that’s shaded green. You can also make out a door gunner on one side so he gets a US military tan. I used the official website for my sample pictures.

  • Underside FS36375: Light Grey (VMA 71050).
  • Topside FS35237: 20% Dark Sea Blue & 80% Blue Grey Pale (VMC 70898 & VMC 70905).
  • Canopy: 50% Black & 50% German Grey (VMC 70950 & VMC 70995).
  • Upper Window: Reflective Green (VMC 70890).
  • Door Gunner: US Modern Vehicles (AK 122).
  • Wash: Winter Streaking Grime (AK 014).


The wash is applied much like on the F/A-18s: focused on the crevices and panel lines and then wiped off the flat areas with a damp brush. I also took this oppurtunity to finish up the Vipers with a wash.


That almost completes this force. I only have one more model I want to add: some OH-58D Kiowa Warriors. While not fielded by the USMC I need some recon for this force so we have a detachment of USAF that has been added. However, my next post will include some details of the Hind Commander force and the plan for its use.

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