E-8 Build – Body work update

The model’s been sitting on my desk for a couple of days and I just noticed a casting defect.  The front engine mount is not like the others. I’ve highlighted one of the original pictures below.
707 defect - Before shot

Not a difficult fix, a couple of minutes with some small side cutting pliers removes the offending metal and piles finish the job and clean up the edges. Then a tiny amount of green stuff rebuilds it to match the others. The following picture makes it look a little rough, but in real life those bumps are too tiny to notice and the piece will receive a quick run over with the file once the green stuff has hardened.
707 defect - Now fixed

That’s fixed it up nicely. It looks like this project will be on ice for a little while. I’ve had to order a couple of new colours from the UK (thank you Australian retail for continuing to demonstrate your level of utility) and they will take a week or so to arrive. Unfortunately I look like spending most of the next month travelling so there won’t be many updates until I’m back in town.

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